Front Porch Swing

We sat there on that front porch swing

Legs pushing, slowly rocking

My nails were painted bright red

Wishing to know all the thoughts in your head

Conversation never stuttered on that Saturday morning

The birds were chirping like a loud warning

That there would be no turning back from here

I was permanently yours now, all you did was endear

I still can’t tell if your eyes are green or blue

Depending on the light, I saw both in you

There was nothing off limits, so open we were

Never once questioned, I was always sure

When you touched my hand to reassure me

I’m pretty sure my world tilted, you see

I lost my breath and my train of thought

With just that one brush, I was got


I loved sitting there with you on that front porch swing

So much so that now all I can sing

Are happy love songs with upbeat tunes

As I picture spending all my afternoons

Learning more about who you are

This is why I’ve been wishing on every star

I want no part of your head to be a mystery anymore

I just hope you feel the same and open the door

Into your life with your hand on my back

Leading me in so I can unpack

What makes you the stunning you that you are

So take my hand and explain every scar


Years later when we sit on that front porch swing

We’ll reminisce of our beginning

And laugh about how it all started right here

You and me, a coffee and a beer

front porch swing

Photo by Richard Elzey

1 thought on “Front Porch Swing

  1. Love the emotion and imagery and flow of this!! Well penned!!


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