Scorned Lover

Green is an ugly color on you

Your stinging words and spitting tongue

Don’t do any good

Turned you from pretty to ugly so quickly

What a shame to see such beauty take such a harsh turn

It’s not placed right

Hurt people hurt people

And you’re the prime example

Lashing out and kicking down

Anything and anyone that crosses your path

Just so you can climb on their bodies

And make yourself taller

But what you don’t know is that your kicks do not kill

And my body is not in the pile

And that pile of bodies will topple

And you’ll be back on the ground where you started

And you won’t feel any better because of your vile words

That ricochet off my armor

What you don’t know is those words only hurt you

The arrows you throw

The daggers you stab

Only make your skin bleed

And create dreadful scars on your skin

Don’t you point your gun at me

When he was the one to make you leave

The weight you feel is not lifted

By hurtling cruel words at anyone who will listen

Your speech will only come back to haunt you

And they’ll make you feel even worse

Put some soap in your mouth

Clean yourself up, dust yourself off

Get those hateful words out of your mouth

About you or anyone else

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