Late Nights

What is it about fire light that paints you in the most beautiful glow? It’s as if an artist decided that red, yellow, and orange could hide all the bumps and bruises, scabs and scars. It brushes over you and smooths out all the flaws, making me drunk with the scene before my eyes.

What is it about 5 AM that changes everything? That makes you open up like a flower and expose the most delicate of petals. The leaves I normally wear are nowhere to be found. I’ve been peeled back and I chose to shake them off, opening like a new bud on the first day of spring.  The fragility that I normally protect with my rough outside is freed from its armor.

What is it about you? That makes me feel like the words spilling from my mouth are being heard by your ears. That those words are now safe, locked away in your heart for them to sit. A secret between you and me. I can see the flames reflected in your eyes, as if there is a fire from your soul leaking out. I lean closer to feel the heat.

Why will this night never be replicated? That as soon as the sun pushes over the horizon, you’ll go on your way and I’ll go mine. And this night will forever be a favorite, never to be relived again.

ash blaze bonfire burn
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