The Ghost of You

Sometimes I still reach for your hand

The ghost of you that I can’t understand

Why you left me here alone

Now all that I can feel is cold

Without you wrapped around me you see

Numb is all I’ll ever be

Hear your footsteps down the hall

Turn to look and try to call

Only to find nothing there

Imagination only, doesn’t seem fair

That you up and left with no warning

I’m the only one who seems to be mourning

And only taking comfort in

The ghost of you from back when

You seemed to love every bit

The charm, the ugly, the hard, the wit

But for some mystery that I don’t know

You slipped through my fingers slow

You left behind a trail of hurt

Of open wounds and your dress shirt

The buttons of which I’d undone

On the night you’d said I was your sun

But clearly you were lying or fibbing at least

Maybe just trying to keep the peace

We were fragile and cracked and you knew that

Our love went from highs and lows to flat

Now you’re nowhere to be found

I’ve tried maps, traps, and crawled on the ground

I’m throwing in the towel, letting you go

For my own sanity, I must go on like a show

But like red skin from a hot sun

The affects of you are far from gone

The ghost of you lingers on

art fingers foggy hand
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