An Ode to Pittsburgh

My Home

When I think of home I think of tall buildings and sprawling concrete
Of yellow brick roads that lead to my emerald city
Of rooftops overlooking a lit-up town
Of people crossing streets, hustling to hail a taxi
Of energy beyond my wildest dreams
I think of riverside walkways with boats streaming by
Of city parks where the geese and dogs go to play
Of steel bridges and black and yellow pride in every step
Of yinz cheering for your team together
I think of my Gotham city, the city that holds my batcave
Of people who want fries on their sandwich and salad
Of a community that is stronger than hate and stronger than guns
Of a city that changed a small-town girl to one who likes to jay walk
Of a city full of honking horns that say “welcome home”
I think of smiling faces, a family I’ve chosen for myself
Of a cathedral made of books and filled with the heritage of the world
Of a pointed park with a raging fountain
Of steep streets and mountain overlooks
Of Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins, oh my!
I think of a place that didn’t even know it, but welcomed a girl with open arms
A girl who was searching to call someplace her own
A girl who had never felt like she belonged before
And this city wrapped its arms right around me and didn’t let go
The first place that truly felt like home

Pittsburgh Rooftop

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