Good First Date

You’ve got me checking my phone incessantly, feeling like I’m 14 again

Replaying every single move, so now I’m picking up a pen

I woke up feeling like something good happened last night

And since I can’t shake the feeling, I guess I’ll revel in its light

It’s an inner excitement that I can’t seem to restrain

The more I don’t let it out, the more it’s a pain

On repeat I can’t help but say “Don’t get your hopes up”

This might all be for nothing, just another hookup…

But those hopes don’t listen, they’re so high they’re sailing away

Dreaming big dreams, in my mind they’ll always play

The butterflies dancing in my stomach cannot be tamed

You’re not even here, it’s my wild mind to blame

And while I’m allowing myself this moment, I really don’t want it to fade

I don’t want to let myself get too far, but my mind’s already strayed

I know I’m getting way ahead of myself, I’ll probably just get hurt in the end

But damn it feels good to feel these feelings again

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1 thought on “Good First Date

  1. Wow, sooper excellent, really awesome


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