You were fall.

You came into my life a blaze of color. I saw you and I felt like the things around me were new and bright again. You brought a new shade to my world, one that pushed me to see things differently. You challenged me to look with a new perspective, to see the deep reds and sunset oranges painted on the horizon.

Like the air, you were crisp and fresh. You were unlike the others, unlike the dense heat of the season before. Instead of a flame that glowed bright & died just as fast, your color lasted long, staying vibrant day after day.

But like the fall, we ended. The hues I once loved were changing as if a new lens had been put over my eyes. Eventually, the color turned from radiant to a monotonous gray.

When you left I plunged into a cold, harsh winter. One filled with clouds and no light. I shivered under blankets trying to keep warm, but no blanket could ever compare to the one you put over me.

The seasons of life are ever-changing. They come and they go. This long winter must give in to spring. The sun is shining again and I no longer shiver, not needing a blanket – especially not yours. Like the flowers from the ground, I have awoken and will bloom stronger and more brilliant than ever.

You were just a season. A season that is long gone and one that I am thankful for. For without your season, I couldn’t be standing tall now knowing that my petals are brighter then ever.

yellow flowering green plants
Photo by Hoang Le on

1 thought on “Seasons

  1. Holy s***. Love love love the imagery and metaphors in this ❤️❤️❤️


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