To the Girl who Loves him Now

Hold him tight. His bear hugs never get old, so never refuse one. Bury your head in his chest and breathe in his smell. Savor every second of it.

Sing with him in the car. He actually has a pretty decent voice, but he’ll only sing to the songs he really likes. He’ll  sway just a bit. Sing along with him, but not too loud so you can still hear him.

He’ll drum on the wheel, and then drum on your knee. Let him do it. You won’t realize it until he’s gone how much you love those little taps.

If he suggests something to go and do or eat, take him up on it. He doesn’t often feel strongly about things like that, so when he does, run with it.

Hug his mom tightly. She did a wonderful job raising such a kind-hearted man. Don’t forget to thank her for that.

Talk sports with his dad. Yell at the television and talk fantasy football.

Make him smile. Crack jokes and pick on him. Get him to laugh so hard that his eyes crinkle and he puts his hand over his mouth. The banter back and forth while laughing will have you gasping for air, too.

Fall asleep on his chest. Listen to his heartbeat and lay wondering how you ended up this lucky. Never take for granted those light forehead kisses.

He has a different way of looking at things. Ask him for advice and his opinions – he’ll open up your eyes to something you hadn’t seen or thought about. Listen to him and appreciate how he sees the world.

Remind him of how wonderful he really is. He doesn’t understand it, and probably never will, but try anyway.

Let him hold you even if you’re in the middle of doing something.

His eyes will tell you everything you need to know about how he’s feeling. Those caramel spheres can’t hold anything back, even if he wanted to. The freckles on his face make him look forever young and although he’ll act like he doesn’t like you messing up his hair, run your fingers through his curls whenever you can.

Notice his mood. He won’t tell you if he’s upset unless you make him. So make him. Notice the tears that form but will never fall because he tries so hard to keep them inside. Take his face in your hands and make him look you in the eye when you tell him everything will be ok. Make him believe it.

Hold his heart gently in the palm of your hand. He didn’t give it to you casually or without thought. So cherish it. Hold it dear, but don’t hold it too tight. Give him space when he needs it, but never too much.


Most of all, love him like I couldn’t.

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2 thoughts on “To the Girl who Loves him Now

  1. That last line-oof! That hit pretty hard. Love it!


  2. That ending….😭❤️


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