Sure, the wine was intoxicating

But so was the smell of your cologne

As it wrapped around me

Descending like fog in a valley

And enveloping me

Dulling my senses

To anything else.


I knew we shouldn’t

And that I should keep you at arm’s length

But you kept coming closer

And I kept still.


Until finally we were too close

Your eyes closing

Your hands searching

My lips touching yours

My resolve gone

My strength waning

Your want for me noted.


And suddenly you were everywhere

Your hands burning my skin

Leaving a trail

So that anytime your fingertips left me

I wanted them back

Your lips on my neck

Your hips pushing against mine

We gave into the sin

Knowingly and willingly.


You had a girl at home

That didn’t know you were here

And even though she was miles away

I could still feel her

The elephant in the room

As if she were standing between us

Because she was.


And although it’s not regret

I don’t know what I’m feeling

I’m like a child and you’re my favorite toy

I don’t want to share you

And these thoughts swirl through my head

Until you come near again

And that lovely cologne

Makes me forget everything but you.

man and woman kissing
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