Things I’ll Never Say to You

I can’t keep you off my mind

And in this world I’ll never find

Anyone else that compares to you

I’m pretty sure I always knew

That you’ll forever be my “what if”

It’s like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff

Do I retreat to safety never to find out

Or be brave and jump and shout

That I want you to finally hear

All the ways I think you’re a dear

And all of the things I could never say

Because of my fear that you’d just run away

So I’m standing here now trying to tell

That I really think it would be swell

If you were willing to give this a shot

And if we’re lucky we just might get caught

In something that neither of us were expecting

Two hearts very unsuspecting

Finally intertwined after all these years

Should we push aside our fears

So take my hand now and let’s give it a go

I really don’t mind if we take things slow

I’ll never look back or regret a thing

If we get lucky, I’ll be the queen to your king

photography of a woman sitting on cliff
Photo by Pete Johnson on

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