There is no pain when it enters my veins

only excitement and anticipation.

My heart immediately reacts

the pulse sounding in my ears.

The burn spreads as quickly as the rising sun

extending all the way to my fingertips, my toes.

My stomach flips.

My tongue ties.

I’m overly aware of every inch of my skin.

The high is almost too much to handle

I am giddy as if I’m 10-years-old again.

And the butterflies that have been absent for too long

energetically return to my stomach.

My body reacts to your eyes

when you turn them on me

you might as well stick a needle in my arm.

I cannot control it

nor do I want to.

Your gaze is electric

and my body is shocked.

And just like a drug, as soon as you walk away

all I want is more.

woman laying on stairway grayscale photo

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