Crossing Streets

She lived her life like she crossed the hectic city streets… she didn’t wait for the cross walk or the red light.  She took her chance when she saw it, crossing when there was adequate time to make it to the next sidewalk, daring the speeding cars to get close.  Kind of like how she never let anyone get too close.

The driver of the speeding car would only see a young woman walking brusquely to make it in time.  He would never see the way her eyes had splashes of green when she looked into the sun or the dusting of freckles on her nose.  He would never see the red dot on her chest from a busted capillary that never healed quite right; and he sure as hell would never see the bruised and broken heart that lay just underneath it.

The breeze that flew through her caramel hair as the car raced by made her feel alive. Alive in a way that no person ever had and probably never would. Feeling the blood rush through her body and the hair on her arms stand up when she cut her walk across the busy street just a bit too close was what made her keep doing it.

When friends asked her to do something she usually said yes. Go to the movies? Sure. Roadtrip? Why not. Spontaneous trip to Europe? Absolutely. She answered to no one, just like the lit up white man would never dictate when she would choose to step into the streets line of fire.

She lived her life an arms distance away. She would never get closer to any moving vehicle than that, nor would she ever get closer to any human than that. Can I have your number? She would give a fake one. Want to grab dinner sometime? Sorry, but she was just coming through town on business. Can I buy you a drink? Thanks, but I’m seeing someone. They were all lies.

She lived her life like she crossed the hectic city streets. Alone and in a hurry, never looking back. But as she looked up to time her cross, she noticed the traffic light no longer emitted vibrant color. Instead, everything was in shades of gray as if her lonely life was causing her to go blind. Nothing glowed like it used to. The reds and greens were pale and dimmed. And as she crossed, brusquely and narrowly avoiding a turning truck, she realized the last time the light was vibrant was when she was with you.

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