Chatter came easy

Miles in the sky

Small talk wasn’t cheesy

Brilliant green eyes


A charm that dazzled

A pull towards you

We laughed while we traveled

I figured it would fall through


You were in 11B

I was quickly hooked

Most people didn’t see

I was usually overlooked


An easy smile to look at

An even easier time falling for you

I didn’t want to tell you that

But it would have been true


Two hours was all it took

Over oceans on a plane

Really it was only one look

Now you’re stuck in my brain


But I don’t know where you are

All I can do is hope

Hope to see you in a bar

I’m on a slippery slope


If we never see each other again

You’ll always be a mystery

You seemed like one of the finer men

You are now part of my history


Those deep green eyes

Are burned in my mind

You were such a surprise

So well that we aligned


I hope you think likewise

Because it’s me I hope you find

aeroplane aircraft airplane aviation
Photo by Stefan Stefancik on Pexels.com

1 thought on “11B

  1. Well done!! You have a talent for writing!! Love the title ❤️🙌


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