The crisp air burned through my nose and into my lungs, filling me with the scent of sticky apples and luscious pumpkin pie. My feet crunch the trees debris, making my steps louder than usual. A scarf tickles my chin and hot liquid feels good searing down my throat.

Everything is dying around me. The brown fingertips of the trees floating to the ground prove that. Anything that was alive is gone. Bees disappear, bears hibernate, and even flowers have buried their heads back in the protective dirt.

But we do not. We stay, ready and waiting for the white blanket to overtake the earth yet again.

While the geese fly south, we breathe deeply the chilled air and layer our sweaters. For while everything is dying, we are still growing.

Still living.

Still moving forward.

With this change in the world, there is a change in us. We, too, need to shed our dead leaves & get back to our roots.

And once we get there, to where we are bare, the possibilities are endless. With the turn of the atmosphere, we turn into new opportunities.


There is something about the seasons changing that makes me think we can start over. Whether it’s the life around us dying or just beginning, the changing air never fails to make me think that I, too, can begin again.

flock of birds
Photo by Efdal YILDIZ on

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