The End

I packed all your stuff in boxes

then crumbled in a heap crying on the floor.

I couldn’t bear to see them everywhere

strewn through my apartment.

Each jacket, each t-shirt, everything that touched you

like I used to

a constant reminder of the ghost you are now,

of the shadow that still follows me

to every corner of that apartment.

The floor is the only thing reminding me

there is still ground

that the sun will come up tomorrow morning.

But I lie there

the darkness swallowing me from the inside out

and the outside in

knowing that waking up without you next to me,

without your arms around me,

just may kill me.

So I let the darkness swallow me whole

and give into the pain

that rips and shocks through

my body like lightning

through a dark sky.


And the sun did come up.

It hit me, sleeping in my tears

still on the floor…

a rude awakening

that the sheets I could not sleep in

still smelled of you.

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